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I COACH pastors and church planters, SPEAK at churches and conferences, FACILITATE Life Plans and ASSIST pastors in starting wedding businesses.

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A friend of mine once said, "Simon gives people the GIFT OF REALITY." Simon helps people face reality and find out what they are good at and NOT good at. Simon might say, "Singing is not your thing."  Popping the bubble can set people free to pursue something they really are good at.

I met Simon at a wedding I performed last September in Beverly Hills.  Simon arrived at the wedding a few minutes late and couldn't get a seat as the place was packed.

The processional had started and the groom (Nick) saw Simon's dilemma and went over to him and escorted Simon and his date to the front row. I reminded the groom that those seats were reserved for his mom and dad.  Then the groom asked Simon to sit in the row behind the family.  Great ... now Simon Cowell was sitting about 10 feet from me and the wedding couple.  I decided I was not going to look at Simon during the ceremony but would focus totally on the couple.  The last thing I needed was Simon judging me on how I performed the wedding.  

After the wedding was over, Simon came up to me and said he really enjoyed the ceremony that I led - I was shocked! Then he said, "You have a REALLY nice voice tone."  I said, "Simon, coming from you that means a lot!"  I meant it.  I felt time stop just for a split second.  This was my big chance ... I took it ... I said, "Simon, now I know you've never been married and maybe you'll never get married, BUT if you ever do - would you consider having me be your wedding officiant?"  He smiled and said, "Absolutely!"  I then asked if I could give him one of my WPD business cards. He said, "Yes," I gave him a card and he looked it over and slipped it in his back pocket.  I found Simon to be very gracious and down to earth.  You never know what might happen ....

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